About us…

  “ Code Isn’t Just Functional, It’s Poetic “— Jonathan Keats

  • It is not mandatory to be less than 25 years old to join us.
  • Within the agency, our creatives sometimes wear shirts when their extravagant T-shirts are all in the  dirty linen basket.
  • The studio has no picture of its offices because we have no Hermann Miller’s Aeron Chair.
  • We think a Mac is not a sign of wealth but a working tool.
  • The studio has neither a table football nor a corner place with video games.
  • The studio does not organize radio-controlled car races in its office. We apologize to our nice programmers.
  • Within the agency Espresso studio we do not use fancy names for meetings.
  • We do not tell our customers that their communication will be “sexy”. We think “catchy” is already enough of bad semantics.

We follow 2 simple rules :

  1. The client is (almost) always right.
  2. The designer is (almost) always right.





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